How do I contribute to Interania?

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How do I contribute to Interania?


Interania is your community. We want to hear from you, so we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to join in and share. There’s more than one way to contribute, and we encourage you to contribute in as many ways as you’d like. Create an account and start building your reputation as an expert Interanian!


By contributing to Interania, you’ll increase your rank. Your rank basically shows your place in the community. Ranks aren’t bad or good; they’re an easy way to see who are the most active Interanians. The ranking formulas are pretty complex, but here’s a clue about how you gain ranks: be active! Ask questions, answer questions, give and receive kudos, even write a blog or two...these all improve your rank.


It’s easy to ask (or answer!) a question in our discussion forums. The forums are where you can join us to talk about all things behavioral analytics (and Interana).

  • Wondering where to start with Interana, or want to share something you’ve learned while getting started? Take a look at the Getting started forum.
  • If you’re a more experienced user, talk about more advanced use cases in Using Interana.
  • Have questions about how Interana does what it does? Ask in How does it work? forum.
  • Share your interesting, cool, and fun things you've discovered while exploring your data in Cool stuff.
  • Share your ideas for future versions of Interana with other users and Interana PMs and engineers in Product ideas.

Want to write a blog or a howto article? Just ask! A blog post doesn’t have to be long, detailed essay; we’re looking for interesting, snack-sized content that’s fun and interesting (how are you using Interana in your business? What sort of decisions have you made based on behavioral analytics? Where do you see more opportunities for behavioral analytics?).


A Howto can be a short or long as necessary. Just tell us how you did something with Interana. Maybe you’ve found a way to build sessions that would help other users, or even found a way to build dashboards that really catches the attention of your executives. Check out our list of howto articles for ideas. When you have an idea, send email to and we’ll set you up with author permissions (it’ll just take a couple of minutes).


Take this chance to share your knowledge, help your fellow Interanians, and gain a rank or two!